Embracing Spirit

I have struggled, as with everything else in my life, with spirituality. I was raised Catholic but it never felt like a fit to me. I studied many religions. I settled, for quite a while on a Goddess based spirituality. It fit at the time, but over the last few years, I’ve felt like I’ve lost my connection with spirit. I long for the sense of community of my childhood. I almost miss the ridged rules and the very structure of it all. As always however, it doesn’t feel like a fit. But I need something. And so…

I shall Embrace the spirit of I DON’T KNOW. I will go back to truly exploring. To being open. To taking the time to feel and listen. Slowing down. Just being grateful for what “The Great Unknown” has given me. Or…whatever! Or whoever. It’s all ok.
Tomorrow is, as always, a new day!


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