Dear Thoughtful People…


Who buy my children gifts for the holidays,

My house is jam packed. Each lovely daughter has enough clothes to skip laundry day for a month. And they do. Resulting in horrible messes. Most of what you bought them last year was trash or lost by June. This year, if you’d like to get them something thoughtful, check out this list:

A gallon or quart of paint and your body for a day. Their rooms are in desperate need and they want them to look pretty.

Take them to the fabric store and let them puck out fabric for bedding or something.


Hair stuff

Best of all is an outing with you! We are always broke and can’t spend the extra to take them to the movies. Or dinner. Or bowling. They rarely care where they get to go. Hell you can drake them to your house to make cookies. Or cupcakes. And it would be the best gift EVER!

For the love of God, no toys, or clothes! Please. They truly don’t need any!

Thanks 🙂