Shake it up

Wow, it’s been over a year here. My countdown is set to expire in a month and where am I? I’ve made some progress. Planted a garden. Kids are a little better in some areas. House isn’t such a mess all the time. I don’t spend every day in the black spiral of hate. But is it enough to call it a success? No. No it’s not. So it’s time to shake things up. Right now I’m sick but by next week…

My kids rooms will look more like this:


They’ll need to earn back their stuff. They have too many things in their life. They don’t take care of them and they don’t understand what goes into acquiring them. Gone are the days when they will lose their $200 iPod and not feel upset about it. Shakey shakey.

There’s gonna be more of this too:

Serious boundaries people. I can only take care of myself. Shakey shakey.

This is my new job:


Time to save some $$$!

I’m going full steam ahead folks. With only a month left to meet some goals it’s bound to be a bumpy ride. Shakey shakey!

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