Free Will. No thank you.


Ah, free will. The right to choose your own destiny. God himself gave you free will. Know what else he gave you? The right to say “No Thanks. I would prefer You to make all the major decisions please. You give me the basic structure and rules to live by, I’ll take the little stuff.”

We all say we want to choose but given the volume of religious followers, I’d say we really don’t. Seriously,even the atheists do it. They took most of the basic tenants of faith and secularized it. Now they can claim to be more enlightened because they can follow the rules with no God over their head. Whatever man, your still following the rules either way.

The problem with choices is having to actually choose. I don’t really want to choose. For the most part I’d just prefer someone lay it all out for me so I can follow the routine. I think that’s part of the struggle for so many. The world is currently trying hard to convince you that personal choice is so amazing. It’s not so much. So those of us that would rather follow a routine, laid out and tested by many before us, are made to feel inferior. I’m not just talking religion here folks. Religion is just an example.

Let’s look at traditional values. Women rose up and demanded that they should get to choose if they wanted to go out and work. They have fought hard and still have not met their goal of equality. If you pay attention though, you’ll notice the newness has already worn off. The number of women I’ve met who now cry that they wish they could stay home. They can’t afford it. Their spouse (if they even have one) demands they work. They don’t want to feel inferior to working women. These things are all the result of making a wrong choice somewhere along the line. Now I’m not saying women should have stayed under the thumb of men, not at all. I’m saying that these women went so far off a path that had been established as fairly successful. Their freedom of choice allowed them to chuck it all, instead of tweaking the system. There are of course some women who are perfectly content in their new role, but it sure seems like that number is shrinking every day.

Surf the interwebs and see how many people are searching for a “simple life” now. Less is more is a new battle cry. I think if you dig a little deeper you’ll notice that what they are really looking for is fewer choices.

Just something to think about.

Welcome to the PARTY…pity party that is


Maybe it’s my meds. Maybe it’s because I’ve been gone from home too long. Maybe I miss my dog. Maybe my shoes are too tight or my heart is too small but…

I’m tired. Emotionally tired. I want to curl in a ball and cry but I’m at the cottage and I can’t do that. It’s too late at night to go for a walk.

I’m tired of being a doormat. I’m tired of being the Good Guy. I’m tired of people making themselves feel big by making me feel small. I’m tired of feeling like a failure. And I’m tired of people always picking on my kids. I don’t want to be picked on either.

I’m not your go to girl. I’m not your good advice gal. I’m not worlds greatest mom either and my kids will misbehave. NEWSFLASH…so do yours! You just don’t see it so well and I generally don’t point it out. I understand some battles aren’t worth the fight and frankly, sometimes I think the kid should fucking win. I don’t want to pick up your slack. I don’t want to help you get your shit together. I just want everyone to take care of themselves for awhile. Pull your own weight for awhile. You don’t have to pull mine. Just take care of your own. And get outta my way! Cause I’m angry. And I’m tired. And I really just don’t give a shit about anyone else right now.

Your all on your own for a bit. Good Luck.

Smalls goes to the park…and gets stuck there


Smalls, Middle and their friend Red go to the park. Just before dark, Middle bursts through the door and it goes a little something like this:

Middle: We have a situation.

Us: What?! Where are Smalls and Red!?

M: Well Smalls is stuck in a baby swing and we tried and we couldn’t get her out so I ran home and Red stayed at the park with her but it’s dark!

(Insert much laughter, a grab of the camera and the rest of us loading in the truck)

We arrive to find this:


We took some “before pics”. Then we proceeded to extract her from the swing. This was not as easy as I thought it would be. That girl was wedged in there pretty tight! We did finally extract her but it’s good the Hubs came because there is no way I would have gotten her out alone!

Here is an after pic:


She will NEVER live this down! The “just hanging around” jokes will be going for a while. 🙂 woohoo SUMMER!