God as a guy with model trains…I could work with that. If I believed in God per-say.

Hot Pink Underwear

I’ve been thinking about God lately.

I imagine a guy enamored with model trains, spending all his time in the basement painting tiny evergreen trees and rail cars carrying fake coal and those yellow and black striped crossing signs. The Big Engineer knows every detail of the goings on in Train Town. He loves the town and is sad when something breaks or when a townsperson falls off the table.

But he let’s things break, and he doesn’t always fix broken things. He even dismantles parts when he tires of them. He can make new things.

I know it’s stupid (and probably heretical) to imagine God as a model train enthusiast. Train towns aren’t alive like real towns and why would God pick such a tedious hobby?

Still, I wonder how interested God could really be in us, even our alive, sentient versions of train townspeople. Wouldn’t it be mind-numbing, watching us always standing…

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